Our Technology


Accurate Analysis Means Higher Payouts For Your Items

We use the state of the art Thermo Scientific™ Niton® DXL Desktop X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer. 

An X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer works by exposing an item to be analyzed to a beam of primary X-rays.

How does an X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer work?

The atoms of the sample absorb energy from the X-rays, become temporarily excited and then emit secondary X-rays. Each chemical element emits X-rays at a unique energy that is a “fingerprint” for that specific element. By measuring the intensity and characteristic energy of the emitted X-rays, an X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer can provide qualitative and quantitative analysis regarding the composition of the material being tested.  

  • Fast operation – allows for quick, smooth, efficient transactions, with results in less than 5 seconds
  • Via a Mac connection and AppleTV, test results are displayed on a large monitor – so you can see exactly what we are seeing
  • Shielded sample chamber – designed to prevent x-ray exposure to customers and operators
  • AuDIT plating detection technology – designed to promptly warn of the presence of gold-plated material, allowing us more comfort in the accuracy of our analysis – providing you with a higher payout
  • Integrated CCD camera – permits easy sample positioning and image recording.
  • Front and rear windows for viewing LED-illuminated sample chamber – helps ensure that items being analyzed never leave your sight